People think Traffic Tickets are no big deal but your Insurance Rates will go through the Roof
An Experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney may be the Best Investment you ever make.

Figure the Costs: Points, Fines, Insurance or Taking Off Work for Court

Many people think traffic tickets are no big deal. But when your insurance rates go through the roof, having an experienced traffic ticket attorney at your side may be the best investment you ever make. If you have been issued a traffic ticket in Wayne County, Oakland County, Macomb County, or anywhere throughout Michigan, contact Schmierlaw, an experienced, affordable, and aggressive traffic ticket lawyer, for help.

See How We Can Help with Your Ticket

You Don't Even Have to Show Up

We have experience with traffic violations, representing drivers on charges that range from speeding or drunk driving to leaving the scene of an accident and almost everything in between. And for many Traffic Tickets, you don't even have to appear in court. A lawyer can appear on your behalf, you won't have to take time off work, and, in many cases, the ticket won't even appear on your driving record. So if you get a traffic ticket, don't merely pay it. Call Schmierlaw.

What We Will Do

• Use our Experience

• Negotiate with Prosecutor

• Speak with the Officer

• Stand-in for You

• No need to Take Off Work

• May Reduce Fines and Points

• May Not Appear on Your Record

Formal and Informal Hearing

When you fight a ticket, you have to request a hearing at the Court where the ticket was issued. Unless you specifically request a Formal Hearing, the hearing that is scheduled is usually an Informal Hearing where you will have a chance to tell your story to a Magistrate or, sometimes, a Judge. The other type of hearing is call a Formal hearing which you have to specifically request. Different Courts have different procedures that must be followed, who is present, and what the Magistrate or Judge is empowered to do. A traffic ticket attorney who has experience in the District Court should know how that Court works and what is expected to make sure you pay the least amount in fines and get the least possible points on your driving record.

A Lawyer May Save You Money

If you get a traffic ticket, don't merely pay it. Give us a call and see what we can do. In addition to your insurance rates going up, you will pay these extra premiums for years to come. And the ticket will add points to your driving record. And depending on your driving record, could be required to take a driver's education class or even result in the suspension of your driving privileges.

Calculate the Costs of Your Ticket

Getting a Lawyer to fight a traffic ticket might seem like overkill but it may be the best investment you will ever make. Let's say, that because of tickets, your insurance premium goes up $150 per quarter and you have to pay that increased premium for 5 years, that's $3000.00. Schmierlaw may be able to reduce the number of points you receive, the fine, and maybe keep the ticket under your insurance company's radar.

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