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Crimes against Persons refers to a wide range of criminal offenses that involve bodily harm, the threat of bodily harm, or other actions committed against another person. These offenses include assault, battery, domestic violence, kidnapping, murder in any degree, and manslaughter.

Usually, Crimes Against Person carry the harshest penalties and even a deal from the Prosecutor might still carry long prison terms.

Crimes Against Persons carry the harshest penalties and often
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Crimes Against Persons
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  • Murder Murder is the killing of another person. The degree of homicide depends on whether the killing was premeditated
  • Manslaughter Manslaughter can be voluntary or involuntary depending on the facts and your intent
  • Assault and Battery Assault is putting a person in fear of a Battery. The Battery is the actual touching
  • Domestic Violence An Assault and Battery against a person you have a domestic relationship is considered Domestic Violence. There are diversion programs available if you are charged with DV

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Were you given due process of law and were your rights protected?
Was the evidence collected lawfully?
Can the witnesses be challenged?
What can you do to help get a successful conclusion to your case?
Do you understand the law, the evidence for and against you, and what a conviction could mean to your future?

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Schmierlaw has a winning record of success when it comes to defending individuals who are facing criminal charges involving other persons. We have experience in many Michigan courts defending individuals who are charged with homicide, domestic violence, assault and battery, and other crimes against persons.

Schmierlaw will aggressively protect your rights and make sure you are afforded all the due process requirements spelled out in the Constitution. If you are charged with any crime against another person, you have a lot to lose Your reputation, career and freedom. Contact Schmierlaw for a free, initial consultation to talk about your case. The call is free and the information may be priceless.

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