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If You Get Pulled Over for Drunk Driving, there are Questions

The attorney you choose to represent you in a drunk driving case can make a big difference Schmierlaw will give you experienced and aggressive Drunk Driving Defense. Schmierlaw knows the Drunk Driving Statutes, knows the "system" and is familiar with the Judges and Prosecutors you will face. Go it alone and you could end up facing the maximum punishment and fines. At Schmierlaw we are committed to making sure that doesn't happen to you by providing you the best Drunk Driving Defense possible to protect your record and your privilege to drive.

We Know the Law
Police Car with Flaashing Lights

Schmierlaw has experience and a winning record of success representing drivers who face Michigan’s tough drunk driving laws.

A drunk driving conviction will have serious consequences. It will impact your job, your income, your family, even the way you get to work or the grocery store.

Besides a permanent conviction on your record, a hit to your credit score, and being required to show up for random drug tests, you won't be going to Canada anytime soon.With all the penalties you might face, Schmierlaw can provide you the best criminal defense possible. Contact Schmierlaw for a free, initial consultation.

Examine the Facts
A Criminal Defense Lawyer examining the facts

At Schmierlaw we will examine the facts. We will consider whether there was probable cause to stop you in the first place. We will question which roadside Field Sobriety Tests were used and if were they properly administered. We will closely examine the Breathalyzer results and whether the machine was properly calibrated and the police officer properly trained.

And when necessary, we will work with the Judge and Prosecutor to reduce the impact a drunk driving arrest can have on your record, your privilege to drive, and your future.

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Questions, Fear, Stress... what will happen?

Falling into s legal abyss

There are ways to beat a Drunk Driving Charge and Schmierlaw will Look at Everything

  • Probable Cause Issues

  • Breathalyzer Test Results

  • Breathalyzer Calibration

  • Field Sobriety Tests

  • Arrest Procedures

  • Blood Alcohol Levels

If This is the First or Second time you have been arrested for Drunk Driving, you probably aren't seeping well. If it's a 3rd time, you are facing a felony and certain jail time. Whether it's a first, second, or third, you need a Drunk Driving Lawyer who is experienced in drunk driving, DUI, OWI, OWVI, impaired driving or whatever you want call it.

No Matter How you Say it, OWI, DUI, OUIL, or just plain old Drunk Driving.

There are lots of different names when you get pulled over but they all mean the same thing…you've got big problems coming up.

Schmierlaw in Court

Schmierlaw has represented countless people charged with Drunk Driving.
If you drink, it's probably a good idea to get a UBER, but if you are pulled over with a BAC over the legal limit, give us a call. At Schmierlaw, we understand that people facing drunk driving or other alcohol related driving offenses need experienced, affordable and aggressive drunk driving defense.

OWI Not on My Bucket List

Getting pulled over and charged with Drunk Driving was Not on Your "Bucket List"
At Schmierlaw we will work with you and your situation. Tell us the facts and we will generally give you an accurate assessment of what various options will cost you. Payment plans are available, credit and debit cards accepted, and Schmierlaw offers a free, initial consultation to discuss your case. Give us a call at (248) 705-3742.

How, Who, What, Where, Why, and How?

We Care About our Clients and the Effect an OWI Conviction will Have on Your Life

Call us. At Schmierlaw we will listen to the facts and tell you what we think. We won't just take your money and promise you things that we can't do. And when we do take your money, we might tell you things you don't want to hear but need to be said to make the best decision possible when defending your drunk driving charge . We have a proven track record when it comes to defending against drunk driving DUI charges and other driving related offenses.

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Whether it is representation in a legal matter or just some legal advice, Schmierlaw can help. We specialize in Criminal and Drunk Driving Defense and can help you with any sort of legal issue which may arise including Felonies or Misdemeanors, Drunk Driving, Traffic Tickets, Juvenile Offenses, or any other legal concern which you may have.

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