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What If I am Accused of Stealing?

Theft Crime is used widely to refer to a category of crimes involving the taking of another person's property without their permission. Shoplifting, Identity theft and Credit Card Fraud, Larceny, Robbery, Carjacking and Embezzlement are all theft crimes and carry harsh penalties. And because theft crimes are crimes of dishonesty, besides the penalties imposed by the Court, a conviction will impact your career prospects and future. Who wants to hire or rent to someone who steals? Contact Schmierlaw if you are accused of stealing or any theft crime

Accused of a Theft Crime?
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Theft crimes are crimes of dishonesty ranging from stealing something from Walmart to forcing someone out of their cars at gun point. They all have something in common, the taking of something that belongs to someone else. How you take the property and whether a weapon was used will determine the charges against you and the possible penalties.

All theft crimes have severe penalties and any conviction will have long-lasting consequences. A conviction will affect your career, your credit score, and even affect your gun rights.

Schmierlaw will examine the facts, challenge any witness, and make sure your Constitutional rights are protected. And when necessary, we will negotiate with the prosecutor to lessen the charge and reduce any impact a conviction will have on you.

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Schmierlaw Defends Theft Crimes
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  • Retail Fraud or Shoplifting Shoplifting is a crime of dishonesty that will show up on a criminal background check
  • Fraud Fraud inlcudses crimes such as identity theft, credit card fraud, internet fraud, mortgage fraud and other crimes of dishonesty
  • Larceny Larceny is the tking of someone's property without their permission. Larceny can include larceny from a building, false pretenses, larceny by trick, and other theft crimes
  • Embezzlement Embezzlement is dtesling property or money from someone who trudted yu to hsndle the property. The classic is the girlscout mom who steals the cookie money.
  • Robbery: A robbery is when you commit a larceny and use force or any assaultive conduct when committing a theft crime
  • Carjacking: If you are convicted of carjacking you could go to prison for life. Carjacking is the forceful tsking of someone's vehicle
Why You Need an Experiened Theft Crime Lawyer

Theft Crimes, by their very nature, are crimes of deceit and untruthfulness. If you have been accused of taking property that didn't belong to you, you could face serious penalties. But besides the fines, paying restitution and the possibility of some jail time, the worst damage is to your reputation and record. Getting that next job or even applying for credit or a mortgage will be seriously impacted. If you are wondering why to hire a criminal defense attorney, why would you put your future at risk by not having an experienced criminal defense lawyer by your side.

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