Being Accused of a Sex Crime Could Ruin Your Life
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Been Accused of a Sex Crime?

Being arrested and charged with a sex crime or just being accused of a sex crime will change your life. Even if someone thinks you are coming on to them sexually, can land you in big trouble. Besides damage to your career, reputation, and family, plus being placed on the sex offender registry, you will probably go to jail or prison if you are convicted.

If you are being questioned or someone has made an accusation of a sex crime against you, you need to speak with an experienced, sex crime defense lawyer. If you are charged with criminal sexual conduct, internet sex crimes, child pornography, solicitation or indecent exposure, you have certain rights under the law. An experienced sex crime defense lawyer can protect those rights and make sure you are treated fairly. With the consequences of a sex crime conviction being so severe, you need all the legal defense help you can get. Contact Schmierlaw if you are accused of a sex crime and see how we can help you.

Reputation and Freedom
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Being charged with a sex crime in Michigan will have a severe effect on your reputation, career and future. Even if you are not convicted, just being accused of a sex crime could affect you for years to come.

If you are convicted of a sex crime, the penalties are harsh. You will probably go to jail, pay big fines, and depending on the degree of Criminal Sexual Conduct you are convicted of, you will be required to register on the Sex Offender Registry, maybe for the rest of your life. It will effect your job, where you live, or even if you get to go to your kid's school.

With all that's at stake, you need an experienced sex crime attorney who is committed to protecting your rights, uncover the facts, and will provide you the best sex crime criminal defense possible.

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Sex Crimes
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  • Indecent Exposure: Exposing yourself in public or in view of another person in Michigan is a crime.
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC): Any Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) charge is one of the most serious in Michigan. You will probably go to prison and your life will change.
  • Internet Sex Crimes: Using a Computer to entice someone to break the law is a crime. It's even worse if you think it's a minor and you are asking for sex.
  • Solicitation: While solicitation or prostitution do not result in SORA registration, it will kill your reputation.
  • Child Pornography: Being charged with possessing kiddie porn will require experienced defense.

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