There are lots of Reasons to Hire a Criminal Lawyer
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Do You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer on Your Side?

If you are charged with a crime, you might think you can go it alone. Why spend the money to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer. It will cost you some money upfront, but in the long run, a criminal lawyer can be a good long term investment in your future. Why risk it when you are facing huge fines, court costs, and, maybe, even you're freedom. A defense attorney can work to lessen the charge, reduce the penalties, and maybe even get the case dismissed. You wouldn't trust your car to someone who is not experienced in fixing cars so why would leave the outcome of your case to someone who has no knowledge of the law, the Courts, and cases similar to yours?

Reasons Why You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

1. Understands the Judicial System
The most important reason to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney is that they understand how the judicial system works. The legal system can be complicated and confusing, but an experienced criminal defense lawyer knows how the Court system works and make sure your rights and future is protected. A criminal conviction can negatively affect your career, family, and your future, so having aggressive and affordable legal help is a must Schmierlaw has the experience to guide you was could be the scariest thing you ever faced.

2. Experience with the Prosecutors and Judges
Having an attorney who has a good relationship with the prosecuting attorney can be important when deciding who you want to represent you if you are charged with a crime. Your criminal defense attorney’s experience with the Judges and Prosecutors where you are charged with a crime, will allow them to negotiate a better deal if necessary or asking the Prosecutor and Judge to approve a diversion program which may keep a conviction off your record. Schmierlaw has defended people charged with criminal offense throughout metro Detroit and Michigan. If you are charged let Schmierlaw’s experience work for you.

3. Handled Other Cases Similar to Yours
An experienced criminal defense attorney has dealt with many cases similar to yours. And because of that experience they understand your case might go, what defenses will work, and what their client may expect. Schmierlaw has defended different kinds of cases and has been successful in protecting the reputation, freedoms, and futures for our clients.

4. Can Protect Your Future
An experienced criminal defense attorney will aggressively fight for you and your future. Schmierlaw may be able to get your charges reduced, your penalties lessened, or even get your case dismissed. A felony can have serious consequences on your family, career, and future. And finding a better job, obtaining credit, or even going to your kid’s school’s open house could be affected. Schmierlaw is committed to providing you the best criminal defense possible so that a criminal charge does not change your life.

5. Can Save You Money
While no one wants to spend money to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney, it may be a good investment. Calculate what a criminal conviction could mean. Your job could be in jeopardy, there could be huge fines and Court costs, and even worse, you could end up in jail or prison. So, while hiring a criminal defense attorney is not something you budgeted for, it may be the best investment you ever make.

6. Knows What Could Happen
Some attorneys will tell you what you want to hear. At Sdchmierlaw, we will tell you the truth. Depending on the evidence, what diversion programs are available, and our experience in the various Courts throughout the State, we can give you the best possible advice. We won’t tell you we can beat the case and then shrug our shoulders as you are led off to jail. We will tell you truth so you can make the best decisions because it’s your life and your future.

An Experienced Criminal Lawyer Will Reduce Your Risk

Although there is never a guarantee that with a criminal lawyer that you will get the charge dismissed or that you will win your case at trial, it’s still a good idea to hire a criminal defense attorney. Schmierlaw knows the law, is familiar with the Court system, and understands the pressure on the Prosecutor to put you behind bars. Having an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will examine the evidence, aggressively challenge the Prosecutor, and work to protect your record and future is a good investment given all you have to lose if you are charged and convicted of a felony or any crime.

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