Schmierlaw is an experienced Drivers Assessment and Appeal Division law firm who, if you are eligible, can guide you through the driver's license appeal process to restore your privilege to drive. You can go it alone, but if you fail you cannot re-apply for one year. So you want to get it right the first time!

If your Driver License is Revoked, Getting it Back is not Easy

Many people think that getting your license restored is an easy and casual process. Don't believe it. Under the guidelines, you must present "Clear and Convincing" evidence that you won't drink and drive again and the hearing officers are trained to be tough and make sure you present that evidence. They will look for any reason to deny your request to have your license restored. And, the elephant in the room is that, we are asking for your license back because you chose to drink and drive having already been caught doing it before. Our job is to convince him you won't do it again after having done it again before.

You have the Burden of Proof, Not the State

In a criminal case, the burden is on the prosecutor to prove by plea or trial that you are guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt”. In an Appeal Board hearing, the opposite is true, the burden is on you to convince the hearing officer with “clear and convincing” evidence that you will not do it again. An experienced attorney who understands the process can help you do it.

We Will Help You with the Appeal Process

We will guide you through the process and make certain you have the tools to best present your case. We will prepare you for the appeal hearing by making sure you know what to expect. We will assess your application to make sure everything is consistent. We can recommend an Alcohol Assessment Therapist and will work with you to make sure that your Assessment is the best it can be. We will examine your reference letters making sure that they are effective and will help persuade the Hearing Officer to restore your license. We will review your proposed testimony, alert you to danger points, and provide you with valuable tips designed to make sure you have the best chance of winning.

If we don’t think we can prevail, we tell you

If we think you will not prevail, we will recommend waiting rather than taking your money knowing you will fail. If you are on probation during the year before your hearing, it is unlikely your privilege to drive will be restored. The hearing officer will believe that the only reason you have abstained from alcohol is because you are being tested. Or if you have not been going to AA or demonstrate some other tool you use to stay abstinent, don’t bother applying.

At Schmierlaw, we understand the entire appeal process and what it takes to win. We are experienced, affordable and aggressive when it comes to restoring your privilege to drive. Call for an initial, no-cost consultation.

The Elephant in the Room

A lot of people think it's pretty simple to get your privilege to drive restored but the fact is they revoked your license after being convicted within 7 years of the same offense. The Hearing Officer knows that you probably stood in front of a Judge the first time it happened and stated, with remorse, " I won't do that again". But you did. That's why you are at the hearing and that's the "Elephant" in the room. At Schmierlaw we have experience telling your story and why the hearing officer should give you another chance and restore your privilege to drive,

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