If there is a Warrant for Your Arrest?

If You Have an active warrant, you are always looking behind you. Give Detroit Criminal Defense Lawyer James Schmier to get some relief from being arrested and thrown in jail, on the spot. And finally it means the end of sleepless nights and a chance to move on with your life.

Misdemeanor Warrant- Depending on the charge against you, determines what must happen before the Warrant is lifted. If it is for a misdemeanor, you generally can walk into Court at that Court's specific time and be arraigned. At that time, the charges will be read against you and a bond set. If you are accompanied by an attorney, he or she will do all the talking and address bond issues. The Judge or Magistrate may ask the Defendant a couple of questions, but most will be submitted to the attorney first. Often, unless the Defendant has a history of not showing up for Court, has done something particularly serious, or is already on probation, the Court will generally impose a no-cash bond and give you a date to show up for a future hearing.

Felony Warrant- If you are charged with a felony, you generally cannot just walk into the Circuit Court. Often you must turn yourself into the local sheriff who will then transport you to the Court for arraignment. Sometimes, the Court will allow the defense attorney, to drive the Defendant to the Court, but that depends on the relationship the attorney has with the Court.

Having a warrant out against you is no fun

You never know when something might happen. A cop is called for something that's not even your fault, and you end up in handcuffs. Call Schmierlaw to clean up your warrants, move on with your life, and stop having to always look behind you.

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