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In Michigan, Failing to Pay Child Support is a Five-year Felony

Failure to pay child support can result in charges of Felony Non-Support being brought against you. The Court doesn’t really want to send you jail; it wants you to pay the past due amount and stay current going forward.. But if they think you won’t pay anyway, you are going to jail. Plus there are certain statutory rules the Judge must follow in these cases such as bond. An experienced attorney may be able to negotiate a deal with the Attorney General’s office, the County prosecutor pr the Friend of the Court to arrange a reasonable payment plan. Or your lawyer may be able to help you negotiate a smaller, lump sum payment of what you owe. The other person may even waive what you owe or willing to accept a promissory note to keep a non-support matter out of the Criminal Justice system.

Owe Back Child Support in Michigan? You're Not in Kansas Anymore

Felony non-support charges need a defnese wizard

It was warm late Sunday afternoon in a suburb of near Kansas City. Bob had just put some burgers on the grill. He didn't notice the white van parked across the street. Nor did he notice when four burley guys got out of the van armed and with a warrant for his arrest for child support arrearages from his first marriage to a woman who still lived outside Detroit. Even though his two children from the prior marriage were were grown and on their own, he still owed his ex-wife almost $36,000 and the State, another five thousand.
After arresting Bob, he was handcuffed, put in the rear seat of the van and began what would be a three week road trip to Detroit to face the charges. Along the way, the van would stop for other "dead beat" dads with stops at McDonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Nights were spent in local lockups along the way and morning coffee was out of the question being deemed a potential weapon in the hands of desperate fathers.

If you have been charged with felony non-support you need an experienced felony non-support lawyer who has had experience with these cases before. Schmierlaw has defended individuals who have been charged with felony non -support by either a Prosecutor for the Michigan Attorney's General Office or a County Prosecutor where the accused resides. Each requires skill at knowing how to deal with the different prosecutors and what the different courts expect.

Deferred Sentences in Felony Non-Support Cases

An experienced Felony Non-Support lawyer may be able to negotiate with the Prosecutor and with the Judge's agreement to a deferred sentence. What the means is that if you are able to successfully pay down the arrearages, the felony charges could be reduced to a misdemeanor or even dismissed.

Schmierlaw is an aggressive, affordable, and experienced felony non-support defense lawyer who represents individuals charged with Felony Non-Support in Michigan.

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