While a PPO Could Have No Effect on You, It Could Land You in Jail

Judges take Personal Protection Order PPO violations very seriously. If you are out on bond, it will most likely be revoked and you will find yourself in jail. If you haven’t been arrested but are subject to a PPO, you could be arrested and thrown in jail without bond. And the person who filed a Personal Protection Order against you, well don't think they are your friend. That person is looking to report you to the police. That is why they filed a PPO in the first place. You need an experienced and aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney to defend you.

Often times a PPO or No-Contact Order is based on allegations of domestic violence

Sometimes, allegations of Domestic Violence and Personal Protection Orders appear to be an effort to gain leverage in a pending divorce. If you are in this situation, contact our office. We will fully investigate the facts and advise you on the best course of action to protect your good name. Schmierlaw can help defend you against the granting of a PPO and represent clients who are accused of violating a PPO or No-Contact Order. Often times, the complainant is angry and out for revenge so you need to protect yourself and get the best possible PPO defense advice possible.

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