Your Rights under the Constitution

The United States Criminal Justice System guarantees that all Americans and individuals living in or even visiting America, have rights guaranteed by the US Constitution. These Constitutional Rights protect you and ensure that you are given “Due Process of Law. The Police, the Prosecutors, and Judges must all follow the Criminal Laws and Judicial Rules that govern our system of criminal justice and you are entitled to experienced and aggressive criminal representation to protect these rights. Contact Schmierlaw for experienced, affordable, and aggressive criminal defense.

The Accused has Rights

Criminals often pay for their crimes so it may seem that they have given up their Constitutional Rights. But they haven't. So even people who are accused of breaking the law or committing terrible crimes, still have these guaranteed rights. They have the right to a speedy and fair resolution of the matter and to be free from cruel and unusual punishment. Individuals accused of a crime also have the right to an experienced and aggressive attorney who is committed to protecting their rights and insure you are treated fairly by the criminal justice system.

To protect your rights and fight for you, contact Schmierlaw for the Best Criminal Defense Possible.

For the Best Criminal Defense Possible
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