These are some of the letters we have received from clients who placed their future in the hands of Schmierlaw. Schmierlaw is committed to providing you the best criminal and drunk driving defense possible. We understand that being charged with any crime is going to be one of the most stressful time of your life. We are experienced and aggressive in protecting your rights and freedom and have s track record of success.

An anonymous caller reported to the police that L was dealing marijuana and cocaine. The caller also claimed that he had guns and other firearms at his home. After conducting a garbage pull where they found marijuana seeds and stems, they raided the house where they found L and his next door neighbor smoking a joint in the garage. They also found a digital scale and zip seal baggies which the police claimed was evidence he was selling drugs. What they did not find were any weapons, any cocaine or a large amount of marijuana. Never-the-less L was charged with possession of marijuana, running a drug house, and manufacturing and delivery, a felony. After our office was retained, we were able to get the prosecutor to drop the manufacturing and delivery charge and L pleaded guilty to possession, a misdemeanor (remember when the police raided the garage he had a joint in his hand). At sentencing, even though L had a lengthly past criminal record, he was sentenced to probation.
Our office received this letter from L's wife.

"Hi Jim...
I just wanted to take the time out to send you a thank you! You have been wonderful to both me and L since we retained you as our lawyer. Your dedication and hard work on L's case wasn't easy. Not only did you have to deal with the terrible past record you had to deal with drunken antics the day before sentencing (sorry). I appreciate all that you have done for us. I am truly thankful to have my husband home with me and not have my life ripped apart.
So, from the bottom of my heart, I truly thank you!!!
Wishing you all the best in your professional and personal life!

A.M. had tried to get her felony expunged three years ago but was denied. She called our office to try again. Our office followed the proper procedures but then went one step further. We contacted the prosecuting attorney to make sure he was on board. After his assurance that he had no problem with our application, we knew we would succeed. And we did.

"Good Afternoon Attorney Schmier,
Thank you for representing me with my request to set aside conviction or expungement in Saginaw County. Fortunately because of your valued assistance we realized excellent results, and I'm very pleased that we were successful. I appreciated your thorough follow up and would like to thank you again for initiating the proper procedures which led to our success.
Thank you again for your important assistance.
Respectfully, A.M."

D.S. was charged with Domestic Violence 2nd and DUI 2nd. When he was arrested he was released on personal bond with certain conditions that included a no contact order with his wife. Unfortunately, D.S. couldn't stay away and, when stopped for a minor traffic infraction, his wife was in his car. He was taken into custody and appeared before the judge, who allowed him to stay out of jail but ordered a tether. Two weeks later, D.S. was once again picked up when the police showed up at his home after his wife called 911 because their child needed emergency care. After the ambulance came, so did the police who took D.S. into custody. That's when I received the call from the wife asking if there was anything I could do. Appearing before the Court, I pleaded D.S.'s case and D.S. was once again a free man while awaiting his trial on the original charges.

"You da Man, You da Man. Even the jailer said his jaw dropped when the judge let me go again. He said he had never seen this judge do that before."

E.C. was pulled over after he was spotted parked in an area known for drug transactions. The place where he parked was under surveillance and the Officer wrote in his report that E.C. was looking down at his lap and concentrating. He then reported that E.C. got out of his car and brushed off his shirt. When he was pulled over, the Officer found a bag of marijuana and a scale in the glove box. E.C. was then charged with manufacture and delivery, a two year felony. At the pretrial, our office negotiated with the Prosecutor. In exchange for a guilty plea to simple possession, the felony was dropped and E.C. was sentenced to one year non-reporting probation with the understanding that, if he fulfills the probation terms, the charge will be dismissed.

"Thank you Mr. Schmier. I can't believe you were able to do this. I figured I would have a felony on my record or maybe even go to jail. You really did a good job for me.... thanks again."

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