When You Just Have to Go....But Where? How About Behind the Tree?

If Your Are Charged with UIP

If you are charged with Urinating in Public or UIP, Schmierlaw will fight to keep a UIP conviction off your record and protect your future.

Urinating in public is generally illegal in every city in the state. In some jurisdictions, the crime and penalty are clearly spelled out. In other jurisdictions, they may ticket the offender with a disorderly conduct charge and while not a particularly dangerous or evil act, still shows up on your record as a misdemeanor.

Generally, people who are cited for Urinating in Public have been drinking, are young, and not afraid to relieve themselves against a tree or squat down in the bushes. While, you can go to trial and argue a defense of necessity; “There were only three choices:- Option 1- peeing in my pants, Option 2- holding it until I developed a bladder infection or worse, or Option 3- try to be discreet and do what had to be done. And what would members of the jury do if they were in that situation?”

On the other hand, you could get the charge dismissed and save thousands paying for the cost of a trial. In urinating in public cases or UIP, you need an experienced Lawyer who knows the law and more importantly knows the Court where you have been charged.Pleading guilty to a charge of UIP or Disorderly Conduct may cause you to have a criminal record which could effect your future. Schmierlaw is an experienced Urinating in Public or UIP lawyer who has successfully handled Urinating in Public cases in Ann Arbor, East Lansing and throughout Michigan and Metro Detroit.

Urinating in Public-How We Can Help

We will aggressively defend a UIP charge and help keep a conviction off your record. While UIP is not a serious offense, it could have a dramatic effect on your future. A UIP conviction will appear will be open to public inspection, could appear on a background check, and affect your credit score. Plus, observers usually think a UIP conviction had something to do with excessive consumption of alcoho. Contactl Schmierlaw. We have the experience to help if you are charged with Urinating in Public..

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