Know Your Judge

Probably the best advice I received when first entering private practice was to know your Judge.
As an Attorney, knowing the Judge assigned to my case is a prerequistie when trying to advise my client. I have a couple drug cases currently and in both cases, my clients have prior drug crime convictions. In one case, I advised that we take a deal knowing this Judge will likely give my client probation, order him to get professional help, and get county programs involved working with my client.

In the other case, the Judge will send my client to jail. I know this. In this case, my client might as well go to trial. Maybe my client will get a sympathetic jury, who knows. And if the jury convicts him, well he is going to jail, but he was going to jail anyway.

Defendants,, too, need to know their Judge. Hopefully your attorney will be enough and you believe your attorney. But there is also social media or just a Google search. Regardless of how you get to know the information, it's important to get it.