Smile, You're on Camera

I recently read an article in the newspaper that reported that in 2013 more pictures and videos were taken in that one year then in all the preceding years in the history of man. In fact, it seems that there were not just a few more pictures but 1000’s of times more pictures.
What this means for you is that each day, you are on someone’s camera. For instance if you go into a Walmart or Meier’s store, a camera sees you drive into the parking lot, exit your car, enter the store, and then follows you around the store to make sure you pay for what you put into your cart. Police cars are now being equipped with cameras that take a picture of random license plates, relay the plate numbers to a central computer, and then inform the officer if there is a warrant out for you or your license has expired. I have even seen drunk driving cases where another driver videos the weaving car in front of them, calls the police on their cell phone to report the driver, and then make the video available to the police when the person is arrested for drunk driving.

What this means to the potential lawbreaker is that everything you do is recorded and will be used against you. And there is nowhere, other than your own home or maybe hotel room, where you have an expectation of privacy and that someone is not recording your every move.

So be forewarned, if you do something in public and what you do is against the law, it probably is being photographed or recorded and you will get caught. Life in the 1950’s was a lot more anonymous, unfortunately, we’re not going back.