Expectation of Privacy

Received a call today from a young man who was charged with using a computer to solicit a crime.
It seems this young man thought he was texting a friend to buy some marijuana. Unfortunately the seller had been arrested on another matter and the police had his phone. The police then contacted the buyer asking if he still wanted to continue the deal.

The young man who called me asked if it was legal for the police to look at what he thought were private conversations. The answer is yes. When you call, text, or in any way communicate with another person, there is no expectation of privacy. Think about it. If you text someone, you have no idea if they will show your text to someone else. Hence, you have no expectation of privacy. While the police cannot tap your phone, (in that case you do have an expectation of privacy), when communicating with another you have no control on what they might do.

Bottom line, make sure you understand the law if you are going to commit or attempt to commit a crime using email, texts, or a phone.