Just Added a Complaint Page

I just added a new page to my website. This new page is devote to the complaints that Cynthia Allen has made against me.
Ms. Cynthia Allen tried to use the legal system to make money and when it didn’t work, accused me, the other side’s Attorneys, and even the Judges, that we had conspired against her.

Enough already. If you go to the Oakland County, Michigan “Court Explorer” and type in her name, you can see the number of times she has sued and the number of suits against her.

Again, enough already. She uses a fake name when she posts, posts the same complaint, word for word, against all of us, and believes everyone has wronged her and she is owed a living.

Check out my complaint page and see the facts. If you email me, I can send you the documents which clearly show the truth in this matter.