Hard to Runaway

I was in Court today, not my client, but a bench warrant was issued when she didn't show up at Court. Her bond is now $75,000.00 cash surety and whatever bond had already been posted, it's forfeited.
I am not certain why she didn't show up, but she also missed her random drug tests and failed to contact probation as ordered. If she had shown up, she was risking going to jail, but now, it is now a certainty.

While she is currently "free", I wonder if it is worth it. She could have tried to explain why she failed to do as ordered. She could have apologized to the Court, given some lame, but believable excuse, and most likely given more time.

Instead, she is constantly looking over her shoulder, aware that at any time, something could happen and if the police somehow become involved, she will go to jail. If she is smart, she will stop driving, but that's hard in Michigan winters and mass transit is nonexistent. And when she ultimately does go in front of the Judge,(in time you get caught or decide to deal with it), the running from and ignoring the the Court and justice system may yield an even greater sanction than the original crime.

Not a good idea to ignore the Court.