Adding Up the Costs

So it’s Thursday afternoon and you agreed to meet your friends at the bar after work. A couple of beers, maybe dinner, another couple of beers, and then home.
But how are you getting home without risking getting caught drunk driving? Your blood alcohol level is a function of several factors like how many ounces of liquor you have consumed, when you consumed the alcohol, your body weight, when you last ate, etc. But generally, if you go to the bar, consume three beers or shots within an hour or so, you probably will exceed the .08 limit. So let’s add up the costs if you drive home or if you take an UBER.

The UBER, let’s say, will cost about $20 or $30 to take you from the bar to your home. If you drove to the bar and left your car, you will need to come back in the morning to pick it up, so there is another $20.00 or so. It’s a hassle, but, in total, your cash outlay is about $40.00.

Now let’s say you decided to drive yourself home and for some reason, got pulled over. The officer asks you to take a breath test and you are just a bit above the legal limit. Unfortunately you are going to jail until your BAC drops below the legal limit.

Now the drunk driving costs will begin to accrue. The attorney, if you hire one, will cost about two-grand. If convicted you will pay fines of nearly $1500.00, your license will be suspended, and you will rely on UBER or other people to get around. Your insurance rates will almost double, you will be on probation for at least a year, and everyone will probably find out about the situation causing some embarrassment or even employment issues. Add in the cost of prosecution plus additional costs, the total price of your decision to drive home will cost you about ten-grand.

So in total, your decision to save $40 or $50 on the cost of an UBER and avoid the hassle of having to pick up your car the next day, will cost you nearly 250 times that cost if you are caught driving. Plus you will have a conviction on your record that can never be expunged.

If you drink and drive, eventually you will get caught but with so many alternatives out there, there is no reason you should ever drive over the legal limit again. Your bank account will thank you.