The Truth About Lawyering

When you think about it, what other profession ends with generally a clear winner and clear loser.
I often advise my clients that going to Court means someone else will decide their issue. That’s why I usually recommend that the parties figure it out for themselves. If they are unable, well that’s when the Judge steps in. So let’s say you and someone else is arguing about money that is allegedly owed one of you by the other. Each of you thinks they are 100% right, which is probably not the real case because usually, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Now if you settle the issue yourselves, both of you will walk away with something. On the other hand, if you let someone else decide, well often, one of you will walk away with everything and the other is left nothing. Often times the loser will blame the system or his or her lawyer.

Bottom line, try to settle before you have to see the Judge or jury. Whether you hire a mediator or just listen to your lawyer, don’t let your emotions guide your decision making. Try to settle and make the best of the situation without making it worse.