Another Blonde on John R

I wrote about this last year and it seems that some people never learn. In my prior posting, I spoke of the hot looking blonde that my client offered $20 for oral sex. Within seconds of the offer he was surrounded by several officers and issued a ticket for solicitation plus his car was seized.
The other day, I received another call from a now retained client who did the same thing. After entering an internet chat room, he learned that the best place to pick up a professional lady was on John R between Seven and Eight Mile roads. Hopping in his car, he drove to John R where he spotted an attractive blonde. The lady flagged him down and asked him what he was looking for, to which my client responded. Again within seconds, several police cars arrived on the scene. His car was impounded for which he paid $900 to get it back and a ticket was issued for solicitation. To make matters worse, his wife found out. Feeling humiliated and never have been in trouble before, he figured the best thing to do was to kill himself which he botched and ended up in the hospital.

The bottom line here is that pretty, young blonde women do not walk the street. They especially don't walk a street like John R which is dangerous. Crackheads and heroin addicts walk the street. Like anything in life, if it looks too good to be true, use your common sense and stay away. And like I wrote in my prior post, if you are looking to pay to get laid, go to Canada where it's legal. Compared to having your car impounded and the fee to get it back plus the legal fees, fines and humiliation of being arrested, paying four bucks to take the tunnel to Windsor is a small price to pay in comparison.