Let the Police Do Their Own Job

About 10:00 PM the police knocked on the door. “We have a report that someone is selling narcotics. Can we come in?” The 20 year old suspect stepped outside and closed the door. “Do you have a warrant?”
“Hey, we just want to talk, can we go inside?”
“OK, but only to talk.”
Once inside, the police said they were going to search the place. Again, my client asked if they had a warrant. One of the officers said, because they were in the house, they didn’t need one. Nothing was in plain view.
Another officer then said, “Before we search, is there anything we are going to find? If you tell us, it will go a lot easier on you.”
My client then revealed he had three marijuana plants growing in his bedroom closet and two handguns, which allegedly belonged to a friend, were stashed in the top drawer of a chest, also in the bedroom.
The 20 year old now faces one charge of manufacturing and delivery, a 5 year felony and felony firearm that carries a mandatory two year sentence that will be served before any sentence imposed for the underlying offense.
Bottom line, keep your mouth shut. The police are trained to get you to admit that you committed a crime. In this case, the suspect voluntarily allowed the officers to enter his home. And then to make matters worse, he voluntarily admitted he had illegal drugs and weapons. Once he did this, there was no need for a search warrant. You don’t need to help the police do their job when they are trying to obtain evidence against you. Don’t talk to the police, don’t let them into your home without a warrant, don’t admit that you have broken the law, and DO tell them you want a lawyer before you will answer any questions, The police have a job to do, they are well trained, and they will not go easier on you. Don’t help them convict you.