Revealing Facts About Tinted Windows

I am always amazed that some people, especially those who don’t want to get stopped, have tinted windows on their cars or trucks. You see, any tint on the front window and front,, side windows is illegal in Michigan. What is even more amazing, is that manufacturers, even though it is against the law, help their customers to violate this statute.
I had a client a couple years ago who was stopped because the windows on the front, side driver and passenger windows were tinted. He should have been aware of the tinted window laws because in the trunk of his car was about five pounds of marijuana which the police found. While the tinted window violation was small potatoes, the charge for manufacturing and distribution of marijuana subjected him to a five-year felony. Currently, I have a client who is facing a carrying a concealed weapon charge, when he too was pulled over because his SUV had front, side tinted windows.

If you are going to engage in criminal conduct, then don’t give the police an easy excuse to pull you over. Any tint, no matter how subtle is prohibited . And just because you ordered the car or truck from the manufacturer that way, doesn’t matter.

Bottom line, know the law. Tinted windows make the police curious about what is going on in your car and why give them a reason to satisfy that curiousity?