My Man Godfrey

This may seem a strange place to talk about my robotic vacuum cleaner but here goes.
We have a couple cats and when the low, winter sun shines through the window in the kitchen you can see every hair on the dark floors. It drove me crazy. I found myself vacuuming the floor twice a day.

After visiting my daughter and son-in-law and seeing their robot vacuum, I decided this was something I had to get. I Googled, “Robot Vacuum on Sale” and was directed to a national department store that advertised the unit I wanted for 30% off. I went to the site and while indeed they were discounted 30%, they had jacked up the original price by 30%. In fact, the price they said was the original price was nearly $200 more than the original manufacturers suggested price.

I then called the headquarters for this company and asked to speak to the President. I was connected to an executive assistant, and after I softly explained that what this company was doing was not only dishonest, smacked of false advertising, and was an affront to consumers, she agreed to give me a 30% discount off the real original price.

The purpose of this story; you have to stand up for yourself; whether you are a consumer or a defendant. Insist that companies, lawyers or anyone you do business with, do what they say they will. As an individual, you have the right to honest representation, whether that be from a company advertising its wares or an attorney touting his expertise.

Be willing to demand the best and don’t expect less.