If You are Going to Talk, Talk to a Lawyer

I was in the warrant prosecutor’s office last week where a police officer was obtaining an arrest warrant.
The officer stated that the Defendant, who had a medical marijuana caregiver card, stated that he sometimes sold marijuana to people who were not his patients. This statement from the Defendant is a defense attorney’s worst nightmare. It is very difficult to defend someone who admits his crime to the police. The fact is that if you talk to the police, whatever you say will be used against you.

The best policy is never to talk to the police before you talk to an attorney. Any attorney will tell you to keep quiet and don’t tell the police what they want to know. Remember, you have a constitutional right to an attorney but if you give away those rights, you probably will get convicted. Bottom line, don’t talk and don’t admit to anything. And, when the police says that if you cooperate they will go easy on you, be polite, don’t give the officer a hard time, but insist that you want to talk to a lawyer before saying anything.