Cynthia Is at it Again

Once again Cynthia Allen is at it again. Cynthia asked me to represent her in a suit against her Condo Association alleging she was injured when she fell on the ice outside her unit.
She sued her association figuring she could get rich and became angry when her case was thrown out of Court. She complained to the State Bar of Michigan which dismissed her complaints without merit. She complained about Circuit Court Judge Chabot who dismissed her case. She complained about Defendant’s attorney, alleging that she and I conspired against her. She complained about the District Court Judge who fined her and ordered her not to file another lawsuit is his District.

Ms. Allen had an opportunity to settle this case but rather than follow advice, she lost her home and then started complaining against everyone who was involved. Her complaints are made under several fake names, but if you read these complaints you can easily see they are all from the same person.