You Can Resist in Michigan

Usually it is not a good idea to resist a police officer, but if the arrest is not lawful, then in Michigan you can fight back to protect your freedom.
In a recent case, a client, an alcoholic, was arrested for disorderly conduct late at night at a big-box store food court. He wasn't bothering anyone and was just sitting there, although drunk. The police were called and he was immediately arrested for "disorderly conduct". As he was taken out of the store, he began punching and kicking the officers. And when they put him into the back o f the police car, he started kicking at the door causing about $2000 in damages.

The problem was that he had done nothing wrong. It is not illegal to be drunk in public as long as you don't bother anyone and he wasn't bothering anyone. The arrest was unlawful and his resistance is allowed under common law. A motion was filed with the Court and the charges were dismissed.

While it's probably not a good idea to resist the police, if you know you haven't done anything wrong, and you know it is an illegal arrest, you can take action to protect your freedom.