CCW- Why Risk a Felony

Michigan is an open carry state. That means if you want to walk around like John Wayne with a gun strapped to your waist or like a like a Marine, about to storm the beaches of Normandy, go for it. That is your 2nd Amendment right.
But let’s say you have a gun strapped to your waist and you hop into your car, well in that case, it becomes a concealed weapon. Even if you have the gun on the front seat of your car, visible to anyone who happens to see it, it still is considered a concealed weapon. Or let’s say it becomes a little chilly and you put on a coat, again, it becomes a concealed weapon.

Bottom line, CCW, or carrying a concealed weapon is a 5-year felony. Why risk it? Know the rules. If you have a legal weapon, want to drive, but don’t have a CPL remove the bullets, and put it in a gun safe in the trunk or, in a SUV or truck, behind the last seat.

Most jurisdictions consider carrying a concealed weapon charge a policy case. What that means is that they rarely will reduce the charges so if you get charged it means you will have a felony on your record and what gun rights you had, will be taken away.