Writing About the Same Thing

It seems like I am always writing about the same thing; then again, people keep doing the same thing like not keeping their mouths shut. The most important thing you can do when confronted by a police officer is not to do their job for them.
For instance, if you get pulled over and the police officer asks to search your car. Unless you are already under arrest and he is allowed to search without a warrant, don’t consent to a search without being shown a search warrant. If you are stopped and asked if you have been drinking. Do not admit anything, but ask to talk to an Attorney because if you say you had a drink or two, the Officer can ask you to exit your car and administer Field Sobriety Tests. So, in the middle of a cold and windy winter night, you could be standing on one leg and counting to 20.

Always ask to speak to an Attorney. Any professional Officer should immediately stop questioning you. And while he might say, if you talk he will go easy on you, remember, his job is only to investigate and report, not to go easy on you.

Search warrants, the help of an attorney, and the right to not say anything are constitutional protections that you have. Don’t give these protections away. Once you allow the police to search your car or admit you committed a crime, it’s very difficult to allege there was an illegal search and seizure or for you to take your admission back.