Pulled Over for a Traffic Violation

I recently represented a young woman who received a speeding ticket for doing 91mph on a 70mph Highway. The Officer wrote on the ticket, that she claimed that she had set her cruise control to 70 but it malfunctioned.
When I spoke to the Prosecutor he told me what she had said. Looking at me with incredulous eyes, he said, “Come on, if you are going 21mph over the speed limit, you know you are going to fast. Rather than give me an “impeding traffic” ticket he only reduced it to “5 miles over on a limited access highway.” If my client had merely shut up and apologized for going so fast, I probably could have received a better deal.

Speaking to several police officers over the years, they all agree, when they pull someone over, the last thing they want to hear is, “What did I do officer?” They know you know what you did. And don’t make excuses. Tell the Officer, you are sorry, weren’t paying attention or were just trying to get somewhere faster than you should have. Take responsibility for your driving. Remember, the Officer has probably gone over the speed limit himself so give him a break and try not to pull the wool over his eyes. It doesn’t work anyway.