Expungement Information

While the Michigan Legislature changed the law in regard to getting an expungement, allowing a couple of misdemeanors in addition to one felony, the legislators also added some new conditions.
Now you must wait until 5 years after the end of probation or incarceration and if you were given a deferred sentence under HYTA or, other diversion program, that dismissal will be counted as a misdemeanor in determining whether you qualify for an expungement. This means, that if you have two misdemeanors and a prior conviction that was dismissed under HYTA, when the Attorney’s General Office looks at it, they will determine that you have 3 misdemeanors and not eligible under the law. And unfortunately, because the dismissed conviction is hidden from even your expungement lawyer, unless you tell that lawyer about it, you could spend a lot of money for nothing.
Bottom line, make sure your lawyer knows everything and if you are eligible for an expungement, do it now rather than later. The law changes frequently. While it is now easier than before who knows what the legislature would do if some nut gets an expungement, buys a gun which he can now do, and then blows the head off his wife.