The Hot Looking Blonde

I had a client a few weeks ago who was charged with solicitation. He was driving home from work, and there on the side of the road was a hot looking blonde in a sexy dress. Figuring why not, he pulled over, opened his window, and said to the lady, “How about oral sex for twenty dollars?”
Seconds later two marked cars pulled up, one in front and one to his rear. The hot looking blonde pulled out her badge and announced, “You are under arrest.” I am not certain if he was arrested because he made the offer or if she was offended that he only offered $20.00.

Whatever the reason, you can be sure if a hot looking blonde is on the side of the road looking like she is waiting for some john to offer her money, something is wrong. The fact is, hot looking blonds; even if they are prostitutes, don’t solicit men on the street in some seedy part of town. It’s too dangerous. If she is out there she is usually an undercover officer or if not, a strung out druggie, carrying multiple diseases or worse. If you need to pay for sex, go to Canada, outcall is legal and the fare through the tunnel or over the bridge is reasonable. Just remember to take your passport.