Another Animal Hoarding Case

I was recently retained on another animal hoarding case. I was contacted by a woman who's home was found to contain forty dogs, a dozen or so cats, and several rabbits. Several of the animals had died and decomposing and the home was filled with urine and animal feces.
Unlike my other dog case from a year ago, even though they seem somewhat similar, they are very different. Where in the case from last year, my client collected everything from lawnmowers and old stereo equipment to Chihuahuas, in the case, the only thing that was hoarded were the animals. In fact in this case, the person involved really believed she was doing the best for the animals. She feels she could give them better care than the shelter.

Not much is known why people hoard things or animals, but when animals are involved and the authorities find out, usually charges of animal cruelty are brought against the person involved. The fact is that when you have forty animals running around the house, it is almost impossible to keep it clean and sanitary. Often times the animals are exposed to disease carrying pathogens, they are rarely seen by a vet, and usually are physically and mentally deprived.

When I dealt with my first animal hoarding case, I stated that it was not just a story about animals but rather a story about human frailty, The same goes in this case. While the person involved has not been charged, if they are, jail or prison seems inappropriate yet something must be done so this behavior is not repeated. In fact, unless the person who hoards gets treatment and conseling or there are threats of incarceration if the person possesses another animal, without treatment or this threat there is a 100% chance they will do it again.

Stay tuned for more as this case develops.