Medical Marijuana Laws are Changing

The Michigan Legislature has been busy proposing changes to the Medical Marijuana Act.
These changes include allowing for dispensaries, allowing marijuana to be ingested without having to smoke it such as baking it in brownies, and setting up a system that would allow pharmacies to sell marijuana.

In allowing pharmacies to get involved in the marijuana business, there needs to be changes to Federal Law that would classify marijuana as a schedule 2 drug in the same way that other drugs such as vicodin are regulated. The other changes such as dispensaries are not dependent on the Federal government passing new Federal guidelines..

Remember, that these changes are not law at this time, so don’t run out and start a dispensaries or compassion club. Prosecutors will still charge people under the current regulations, so until the law is passed by both houses in Lansing and takes effect, make sure you follow the law that is on the books and protect your criminal record. Make sure you contact a medical marijuana attorney before doing anything that, at the time of this writing, could land you in prison.