The Most Expensive Traffic TIckets

Some people when they get a traffic ticket, throw it into a drawer, hope that it goes away, and then promptly forget it. Bad move. That traffic ticket suddenly becomes a whole lot more expensive.
Usually about a month after you receive it, unless you pay or inform the Court that you want to dispute it, it goes into default. That means, because you have failed to do anything, the Court figures you are guilty and the costs start going up.

If you continue to ignore it and the letter the Court will send you, a bench warrant will issue, and the costs really start increasing. Suddenly that $150 ticket becomes a $250 ticket. Even worse, if you get pulled over and there is a warrant, the officer will have no choice but to haul you into jail. And your car, well it gets towed and impounded and now you have those fees as well. In addition, the Secretary of State will suspend your license. That costs about $150 when you finally get around to paying the cost of the ticket and the associated Court costs.

All-in-all, the ticket that would have cost you about $150 had you paid it, now is going to cost about $1000 plus you might have spent a night in jail.

Generally it's a good idea to pay the ticket immediately. Or better yet, spend about $500 to hire an attorney. An Attorney can probably get the ticket reduced, save you a lot of money, and relieve you from a lot of stress. Driving knowing that if something happens, you are in deep trouble, is not a lot of fun. Plus an Attorney will probably pay for him or herself when you figure your insurance rates are going to go through the roof.

The best idea, slow down, obey the traffic rules, and don't get that ticket in the first place