Being a Lousy Criminal

I often tell my clients that if they are going to be a criminal, then they better be real good at it. The fact that they have to call me in the first place is, generally proof positive, that they aren’t real good at it.
If you are a really good criminal, you don’t get caught. For instance, if you are a professional painter, you know your craft, you get positive reviews, and the paint lasts a long time. On the other hand, if you stink at painting, the opposite holds true and you don’t get more jobs as the word leaks out about your services.

The same is true in any job, and being a professional criminal is like any other endeavor. If you get caught, you are not doing it right. With any crime, usually the police have seen it before. They have the resources and training to catch you. And with computers and instant communication, they, are generally, one-step ahead.

Bottom line, it’s hard to be good at anything, but, like anything, the rewards can be great. It takes a lot of work to be successful doctor, lawyer, painter, or criminal. So unless you are willing to put in the study, work, and effort, it is probably a better idea to stick to what is legal and won’t result in you being sent to jail.