Medical Marijuana Update

A couple of days ago, the Oakland County Sheriffs Department raided several establishments and arrested nearly two dozen individuals, charging them with manufacturing and delivery of marijuana, a four year felony.
I get a lot of calls from people asking about the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (MMA) and my best advice is that the law is undefined at this point and unless they want to be the test case, it's probably best to do nothing. Oakland County Sheriff Mi­chael Bouchard said these arrests will force into the open a wide range of abuses of the MMA. The Court cases that result from these arrests will do exactly what the legislature failed to do, define the law. Unfortunately for those arrested, they will pay the price in legal fees, the uncertainty of knowing how the courts will rule, and maybe even going to jail and having a criminal record.

So, unless you have the money and time and are willing to take the legal risks, it is probably best to let others be the pioneers. Over the next several months, as these cases wind their way through the Court system, many questions will be answered in regard to the MMA. But until then, if you are going to grow or smoke weed, you still can be arrested and charged.