Complaints and Grievances

When you practice law, there is one thing for certain; someone is going to complain.
About five years ago, I had a client who wanted to sue her condo association. She claimed that she had fallen on an icy sidewalk outside her unit. After assuring me that there were witnesses and thousands in doctor’s bills, I filed suit on her behalf. She also informed me that she was withholding her condo dues that had grown to thousands.
As it turned out, there were no witnesses, her injuries were minimal, and the association was suing to collect the dues she owed. I proposed a deal that she drop the suit and the Association would forgive the almost $10,000 she owed. She accused me of conspiring with the other attorney representing the Association to deny her rights. She called the Bar Association and filed a complaint.

The result, the Bar Association found I did nothing wrong, the Association sued her for back dues, and, ultimately, she lost her condo. She then started complaining on the internet;, Squeaky Wheel, and others. She never used her real name but if you check out the complaints, they are all the same; same language, same words, same person.

I wish Cynthia Allen would stop, but unfortunately, there is not a whole lot I can do about it.. She has her opinion but this is a woman who preys on others, feels the world owes her a living, and believes that everyone is out to get her. She even wrote the same things about the other attorneys that were involved.